Thursday, 28 August 2008

4 boys, one city, one Vauxhall Corsa

my love failed me. i met brian fallon last night and he didnt live up to the hype at all, he was quite and barely spoke to us for any time at all. however the rest of the band were fucking wicked and i talked to them about hitler and world war two as a way of persuading them to not drive to Germany that night and stay and get drunk with us, it didnt work. 'Stay with your allies'.
so Gaslight in Nottingham last night. the show itself was amazing, amazing, amazing. everything i wanted plus more, and not enough people care how happy this band make me so il shut up.
we met them all after the show and hung out in a carpark for a while, then they had to go so we went to the Bodega Social Club with some kids that had come down from Newcastle for the show. we got really drunk on double Sailor Jerrys and coke for £2.50, made human pyramids on the dancefloor and chatted to a weird girl who we thought was actually on crack. the highlight of the whole night was when i thought someone was trying to throw a sat of shit at me form the balcony but it turned out it was just a pigeon falling dead out of the sky. amazing.
i love roadtrips. its as simple as that. i love driving with friends all listening and singing along to bands we love.
who needs girls when you have a car full of your friends going to a city where you have no idea where anything is and you have nowhere to sleep(we crammed 4 of us in a Vauxhall Corsa all night), (one of whome then decided to sleep on the pavement). boy fun is the best kind of fun.
we also parked up at first in a residential area, where my friends proceeded to piss in a bush, which got horrendous responses from the locals inclusing 'oit pussy'ole, what the fuck do you think youre doing, you dont want to fucking do that again'. we were pretty scared and drove off at a fast pace.

some other pretty wicked stuff happened but im tired and cant think

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