Tuesday, 2 September 2008

the suicidal hangover had passed, the seas are calm again

waking up for the first time in around 11/12 days not feeling drunk or hungover felt pretty much amazing. and proving to myself that im not an alcoholic felt even better.
im recovering and my body is trying his best to keep up, but i just cant be doing with sleeping these days. if i dont have something to occupy me for more than 20minutes i just feel horrendously bored.
it hit me today that life is on track. at the start of summer i was sitting round thinking 'shit, ive got so much to do but i dont have the motivation to do it, i should be making some money or filling in some forms', either i have drowned my brain so much ive forgotton what im supposed to be doing or i have enough money to keep me afloat and im on top of most things. i have jsut remembered the tax man still owes me £200 though, il get that sorted today.
i was really productive and cleaned my car yesterday and found around thee different varieties of mould in it, lovely stuff.
counting down the days til the majority of my friendship group leave for uni and im still around in fun town for another 2 weeks, i feel lonliness will set it fast and strong. a lack of girlfriend or someone to just fill empty days with is starting to hit home as well. chin up.
im booking myself in to get my frist tattoo next week, with the intention of getting ink the following week.pictures will follow.

theres only been words here forever, il break it up a bit:

final hostel design:

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