Monday, 6 October 2008

quickly checking in with you all.
so i moved on friday. i now live in a city and i fucking love it.
wherever you live, you can keep it because nottingham is one of the best cities ive spent time in.
ive met a few really really good people, who are already pretty good friends.
ive been to a sick dubstep night that shook the sneezes out my nose the base was so loud.
ive seen tubelord and this town needs guns, oh and blackfish and you slut. hockley hustle was last night and it was fucking sweet.
ive had a piece of chicken explode and shower my face in boiling hot chicken juice.
ive laughed so much i pretty much cried.
weve cooked pretty well.
ive shaved half my hair off.
ive made far too many drunk speeches about how much i love life, thus making everyone think im a bit of a bell end, but in a good way(i hope)
im about to shower and go buy juice.
over and out

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