Saturday, 25 October 2008

words, words, words

too many words have occurred on this blog recently. i dont have a camera and im too lazy to scan any work in at the moment so itl stay words for a little while.
i dont have time for any poncey literature about life and stars anymore, i dont even have time to eat properly so il just stick to talking about my work et al.

firstly, nottingham is still fucking wicked, its still surpassing all expectation. the only thing i need to find are more galleries and a decent record shop.

secondly, my first project for my course got me a load of praise from the tutor in my tutorial, so thats good. we had to sit next to someone we had never spoken to before, interview them and then base a project around them. my guy marv has now gone on to become a pretty good friend. i turned him into a rockstar and made an album cover for him. the album cover had a cut and fold template on it that when you cut it out, folded and glued it left a little model of marv himself. i was pretty pleased.

just finished our second project this week. we dabbled in film and made a 30 second advert. i had some knob in my group who took control and let us do very little but it was fun acting in it and it came out really well so im pretty pleased. just never want to be in a group with him again.

next project is a 3 week research project based on the word 'culture'. we went round notts looking for culture and found a fair bit of good stuff. my plan is to interview a range of people across nott's society that have interesting jobs and create an illustrated zine of the interviews. im thinking traffic warden, market stall man, castle tour guide, homeless man and maybe a dirty student.

ive also started working on canvas with my posca pens, so if they come out any good i might try and sell a few at a cafe and gallery down the road that sells artists work for them. ive spent the last day or so drawing polar bears.

thats about it.
life is very good.
photos to follow.

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