Wednesday, 21 January 2009

emmi guest lecture

this morning i had a guest lecture from emmi-
if youre like me, before i heard about the lecture, i had no idea who she was, and after a bit of internet research i saw she had done all the branding for Concrete Hermit gallery in shoreditch, good start.
as youll be able to see from the website her work is fucking wicked, and she delivered a well presented and full on interesting lecture about her past and how she got to where she is today.
lecture in short;
-originally from finland
-moved to london to study foundation
-brighton graphic design graduate
-after degree went to a school called 'Fabrica' in Italy, which is in a predominantly underground building in a field in the middle of nowhere, near a village thats full of nazi sympathisers, and only around 50 students from a variety of disciplines study there at one time.
-moved back to London and worked for 'Hoop Associates'
-moved to New York to work for 'Karlssonwilker'
-had to move back to London and decided to set up her own studio, 'emmi'
-was part of the 'Helvetica 50' exhibition
-last year designed the plaques and information boards for a sculpture exhibition in the Tate Britain.
shes done a load more work over this time, so check the website.

she gave a bunch of advice and stuff too. it left me feeling motivated and dead positive, which is what we all look for in a guest lecture, so thumbs up emmi!

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