Wednesday, 7 January 2009

so after 2.5 weeks of laziness and total lack of inspiration ive finally started work on my christmas project.
i have to create a sketchbook of drawings of 2 objects, one natural and one man made.
i chose things i can take around with me or things that will be everywhere i went, no matter where in the country.
i. my digital camera
ii. a leaf
my tutors have emphasised i need to get out my comfort zone more, which i do struggle with as i always resort back to a fineliner/posca combo that i feel most at home with.
but after a morning of browsing the net and trying to find inspiration i came across this man and his blog:
which has kicked me into action and now im messing around with paints, crayons, biros and all other kind of mental shit.
photos will follow soon

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