Thursday, 19 February 2009

new flyer. pulled apart by horses in sheffield. this is my first time properly using illustrator, shocking i know! im finding my feet with all this computer stuff now.

i sit here with a pretty big decision on my hands, and im struggling to see what to do. a couple of days ago i got offered an internship to go and work at the Jonathon LeVine gallery in New York for the summer through one of the friends i made whilst i was travelling the east coast a couple of years ago. she has also said she will forward my resume to Shepherd Fairey's assistant to see if i can get some time in Los Angeles working with him. I am fully aware what an amazing opportunity this is, theres just a few issues. With initial calculations im estimating im going to need around £3000 for New York, then even more if i get LA too. i need flights and accomodation, and theres living expenses and all that to consider. and if i opt to decide to try and make it i will have to cancel my plans to visit madrid in a few weeks and will not attempt to study for 3 months in Barcelona next year, which i also know would be incredible.
ive got some serious thinking to do

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