Monday, 11 May 2009


bournemouth happened, it was a lot of fun. i dont think the tshirts got much attention paid to them because everyone was battered and it seemed like quite an oceana crowd, but whatever, we saw our work on a catwalk after a couple of weeks of starting, so that was just a massive bonus, and we all got very drunk and had a wicked time. successful roadtrip.

ive also done my brother a cover for his camera operator showreel. il link him youtube at some point because hes pretty damn good.

also went to slash slash at rescue rooms the other weekend for a young designers little day thing and had a quick crack at some live drawing.

im currently making myself my first ever html website. im trying to making as exciting as html can be with my limited knowledge of dreamweaver. its good fun though.

also currently making plans for our first night here in notts with our good friends at we make tshirts and pavement magazine. its going to be at brownes, most likely the 8th of june. there will be a catwalk with a load of shirts being shown, and djs in the form of (so far) synthdromes aka dan boaden, whole sick(kool kids klub) and teddy boshanks(fresh out of the death).

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