Sunday, 21 June 2009

stop making boring blogs

why do so many people feel the need to replace their over posting on myspace and updating on facebook with a blog.
nothing has changed, no one cares that you had coco pops for breakfast or that you had the best day ever with all your best friends. its making people hate blogs.

in other news:
i had cheerios for breakfast and went shopping with my parents.

-bangers and fash happened, it was a huge success.
-copenhagen happened, it was a lot of fun.
-saw a few decent exhibitions in london, go to shoreditch town hall for kingston's illustration, and truman brewery for free range, where nottingham trent are exhibiting at the moment.
-the intiail plans to get the bangers and fash name into other cities is being made, including manchester, brighton and portsmouth.
-listen to flashguns

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