Friday, 10 July 2009

Stolen Space Gallery

So last week i spent 3 days at Stolen Space Gallery, situated in the Truman Brewery complex on Brick Lane, London.
There wasnt huge amounts for me to do in all honesty, with me being sent home early one day and being told 'Just go and sit in the sun for a bit if you want' on a few occassions, but it was good to see how galleries operate.
I was hanging the group show, and was working alongside D*Face, who is one of the most well known street artists on the scene, and was hanging work by artists such as Miss Van, so that was pretty good.
It made me realise that graphics is definately where my interests lay, the whole fine art nature of the gallery, with work being produced with the only intention of being sold to a buyer, without any problems to be solved or ideas to be conveyed, put me off a fair bit, a lot of it seemed like arts for art sake, and many of the pieces that attempted to be political or carry a message seemed niave and cliche eg. a piece being called 'Pity of London', as a pun on 'City of London'. It just seemed like the ideas being shown were recycled and over used, relying heavily on popular culture, and often mimicking or even making a pun on pop art, ideas which to me are stale and very boring. I appreciate a lot of the artists have been doing it for a long time, but it would be nice to see them update their ideas instead of recycling the same ones over and over, especially when other artists such and Banksy and Shepherd Fairey have already taken it into the public eye. I just dont believe the way to gain recognition should be through following a tried and tested method of simple ideas, but instead people should be trying something new, and therefore creating something a bit original. But then again it could be argued that they are a lot more well recognised and have sold a lot more work than i have, or possibly ever will, so whats one mans opinion?
So it was good in the sense that i am 100% i want to be a Graphic Designer and want to be solving problems etc with my work.
Im supposed to be going back 3 more times this summer, im not sure if im going to though. I think i might try and get something with a design firm instead.

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