Wednesday, 19 August 2009

It's about time I put some of my own work up

Got back into the creative vibe this week; well sort of.
I've been getting regular flyer work from my local club, The Loft, except this week has been a little different. Yesterday afternoon I recieved a message saying the promoter needed a flyer for a gig by that night, so I rushed a bit but got it finished. Then I got a text this morning saying he needed a flyer to promote a weekly clubnight, but I had to have it completed by tonight. I was at the beach by this point hanging out with my friend that I hadn't seen for 2 months, grasping at whatever sun this British weather provides, and i wasnt ready to rush home to bust out a flyer. I told him I'd have it ready by tonight at some point, as i knew i could get something done, i just didn't know what the end result would be. So after more chilling at the beach and a trip to see Inglorious Basterds (well good film by the way) i sat down at my mac at 10pm ready to crack out a flyer.
There was a fair bit of info to put on it, and i was told to make it bold and eye catching and to appeal to a 'alternative weekend crowd'.
I had no idea where to start so I looked at some existing flyers, particularly ones of rock clubs round the country such as Rock City, The Cockpit etc and still drew a blank really, as they all seemed pretty dull. I resorted to looking through my newly downloaded list of 400 fonts to see what fitted best with the night, and after a bit of umming and erring I decided on one.
I played around with the layout of the font, gave it a jazzy colour scheme that shouted 'Drop Dead Clothing' at me and then hit the illustration. I originally went for quite a cliche pop-hardcore Set Your Goals Tshirt esque approach with lots of drips and 'squigy' texture, but then as i moved on I wanted to turn it into a character, which eventually ended up being based on a jellyfish.
So here it is, 4 hours work roughly from sitting at laptop to final design.

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