Sunday, 16 August 2009

Stolen Space Gallery, Round Two

I know I didnt really give the time I spent at Stolen Space last time the best review, but I decided to go back this month anyway, more as a way to keep me from being lazy at home than anything. But it turns out the couple of days I spent on Brick Lane this time were a lot of fun and completely worthwhile.
The work for the show was from a Spanish street artist known as SAN (you can see my interview with him below), and after being a bit underwhelmed by some of the work at the last show I helped to set up, it was wicked to discover i really liked SAN's work. The work for this show had the same red colour scheme throughout, and he has a great line drawing style to create the piles of people on top of one another that his work depicts. I should just mention I watched him create a large scale piece for the front of the gallery (check Stolen Space's blog for the pictures I took for it), for which he did not reference any pictures of the human form, which just shows how good you can get at something if you draw it enough. He also created work on the walls of the gallery, which just created a nice variety of bases for his work.
So, i got to watch SAN create a piece of work from scratch, which i found fascinating, got to interview the man himself and also got to help screenprint some of the limited edition prints that were put on sale with the show, which was a really useful experience, as I was able to see different methods of carrying out the whole print process, and learnt a few more factors that can effect the quality of the print.
Big thanks to everyone at Stolen Space.

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