Thursday, 26 November 2009

London Visit

Yesterday I went down to London for the night for D&AD's Neville Brody lecture.
Whilst I was down there I also went to Anish Kapoor's exhibition at the Royal Academy.
Im not sure what to make of either at the moment because my brain isnt working due to tiredness. but I'm leaving this post so that I remember to come and back and write a bit about both.
Kapoor was like nothing I've seen before, I loved certain aspects of it.
Brody was a little underwhelming but useful and informative in ways I wasnt expecting.
I took a lot away from Brody, more than I first thought. His comment on the university system being fucked is very true. He believes that unlike his day, unis no longer teach students ideas, but instead teach them how to make things look nice without any substance behind it. I believe this to be true, and was 100% proven when I look at some of my own previous projects, and the work that other students have been bringing to tutorials. Our last project was to illustrate '31 Songs' by Nick Hornby, a book based on music. How is it that 85% of the group drew cassette tapes for there idea, are were really all that braindead and unoriginal? If were not taught how to form original ideas, how can we expect anyone to create anything of any worth accept having a good aesthetic? Its the same that if n English student never was exposed to good literature or never exercised the art of writing, and simply wrote in text language, they would never produce any amazing writing of their own.

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