Friday, 20 November 2009

Remixing Vinyl

I saw the work of Ajit Chauhan at Frieze Art Fair around a month ago, with which had taken a bunch of old vinyl covers and painted most of them out, just leaving certain body parts in each one. This was one of the standout pieces throughout the fair for me, and proved that the simplest ideas can often be the most effective. (I will post about Freize a lot more soon because it was incredible).

Last week i started exploring this idea with a project Im working on for uni, illustrating '31 Songs' by Nick Hornby. I started with the idea of illustration onto found materials, mainly bits of wood I found in my basement. But I went to a record shop last week and bought a Rod Stewart Record with the intention of doing my own Chauhan esque piece. As i got more into this idea I feel I made it my own by not only taking away from the original cover, but then going back ot it and collageing and drawing on top of it to in order to make it relevent to the books content. The idea behind it is that of the cover song, through which many people would go on to reserach the original artist (Bob Dylan), and be exposed to something new, which in turn would then lead onto something else. Its the idea that one thing can open a whole load of things you never would have normally found, ranging over a variety of media. I felt this was a pretty scientific/ almost biological process, so went down the path of making it have the feel of a scientic diagram.

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