Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Submit and Remix

Submit and Remix is a tshirt company started by the immensely talented Dan Mumford, who is best known for the artwork he produced for Gallows. The concept on the company is that two designers produce a design, and also 'remix' the eachothers design, so with each new set of releases, 4 tshirts are produced. The first two designers are Keaton Henson, who i dont know anything about, and Horsebites, a Florida based artist who I am very familiar with, due to him producing artwork for a huge number of bands and labels, including No Idea Records and New Mexican Disaster Squad, as well as designing all the promotional material for The Fest. One of my friends also has one of his designs tatood on his ribs.
I think this idea is something special, and I will no doubt be giving Mr Mumford some of my hard earned cash at some point.

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