Monday, 2 June 2008

here are my two pages for the thus far untitled zine that im going to be a part of. the deadline for everyones work is thursday so it will be interested to see what everyone else has produced and eventually see the finished product. im really excited for the project as a collective effort is something ive wanted to be a part of for a few years. after my disappointing final piece for the show i really wanted these pieces to be something that im pleased with and something that i feel shows the kind of work that i enjoy producing, which i reckon has done so, as i like animals and set colourschemes.
as for my other work at the moment- CPD design, branding and marketing course, im being pretty slack, but i will get it done by tomorrow, im just sick of hand drawn type for today. i just need to keep going.
in other news so far my healthy living detox isnt going to plan, i cooked a ton of meat for lunch and ate it all and now i feel sick, and im just recovering from a week of partying last week. i would start now, but im going out again tomorrow night. ah well

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