Tuesday, 3 June 2008

sort your life out!

this week is my week of sorting my life out i have decided. right now i am re writing my CV in the hope of getting a decent job, ideally in a shop where i get sweet discounts on stuff i want to buy, but in reality any job will do. However, i kind of feel like living in poverty is what student life is all about. i can picture myself looking back and saying 'oh the good old days when i tried to sell half my possessions on ebay just to get enough money to have a night out', and not so much 'oh do you remember being a student when i got that sweet as a nut pay packet and never worried about having enough money'.
Although, i do remember what its like to have a job and have money, the familiar feeling of looking in my wallet and seeing it bulging with spare change from the tips i had been given the night before and thinking 'im not really that hungry, but fuck it, il get a chicken and sweetcorn baguette for the sake of it', oh how sweet one of those baguettes would taste right now.
its times like this, when my college work has been totally handed in and i dont really have anything to do for the next 3 months that i often reflect on stuff, and attempting to outline past mistakes and saying 'il never do that again, this is a new start' but weeks later finding myself in very much the same poverty stricken situation. but these are all stories for another day, when i have more time to waste on the internet telling no one about nothing in particular, im not even sure if anyone has even looked at this blog yet, so hi non existent reader!
so, im re doing my CV, then the next step is to whore myself and my work on the internet for a little while, i plan to enter a ton of competitions including dont panic, threadless and design by humans, and put my work up on deviantart and various other art communities in order to start making more contacts and hopefully start going places with the thing i love to do.

when i get some time il write a mega blog about loads of great stuff including the past few years of my life, my travelling experiences, girls, friends, saving the world and the end of all eternity, or something to that effect.

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