Saturday, 14 June 2008

life is good

the night started with an amazing car journey into town with 9 people crammed into a landrover blasting out drum and bass, followed by a brief walk to source, during which i gave emma a guided tour of maidstone.

yeh, i was ruined

foundation love

barbecue the next day.

the week that contained my birthday has passed.
it was life affirming, however gay that sounds. my actual birthday was probably one of the greatest nights out i have ever had. source bar was full of brilliant people, although not all the brilliant people(im not forgetting you ben and chris). i burst my way into the age of 19 with a ton of people counting down, cheering and singing happy birthday then giving me birthday bumps in the courtyard where pretty much half of source just stopped and stared at us. about 15 people that i didnt know then proceeded to come and wish me happy birthday, making me feel a bit like a celebrity.
there was huggggeee amounts of love flowing from everywhere, particulalry the foundation crew which just made me fall in love with everyone a million times over, and i found myself missing them as soon as we left eachother. i think i spent 99% of my time with abi, so masssive love to her.

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mixed nuts and raisins said...

thank u for the mention-your c me soon xlove u x