Tuesday, 10 June 2008

one day to go

one day until im the boring age of 19.
im in a predicament, i awoke with a strange rash on my side and ive had a bit of a stiff neck. im thinking it might be meningitis, although some internet research has reassured me. i dont know whether to go get checked out tonight and miss my own birthday celebrations or take the risk and potentially die. i reckon my birthday night might be worth dying for, we will see. so if this is my last blog post, i miss and love you all blah blah blah.
-sumitted everything for the zine, im pretty pleased with how it came out.
-ive been doing some more bits of drawing just to keep me busy too.
-threadless deleted my submission for some reason so im going to email them and find out what the shit is going on.
-had a chat with wraith yesterday and he told me about brighton and middlesex's end of year shows and we worked out it finished yesterday which is frustrating. i seem to be missing loads of good stuff that i would love to go to recently. i also read in a newspaper supplement about banksy's new thing where he rented a street a got 30 odd street artists from around the world to paint it, including blek le rat! but that was last month so im pretty gutted. i feel im a bit of a loser that i found out about it a month after it happened through a newspaper. have i gone from art student to out the loop yuppie prick? NAAAHHHH. i also missed shows from crime in stereo and ignite, two band i was so excited for their tours but money killed it for me.
im going to go nap before the big night out.
my garden is filled with two huge tents for us to sleep in which should be cracking

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