Monday, 23 June 2008

summer has already lost its appeal.
ive played too much football in the sun, which just leaves me a sweating, out of breath mess and wanting to sleep at about 6pm, and then when it comes to bed time, i dont sleep because i watch shit tv and waste my life on the internet.
the foundation crew arent meeting up nearly enough and miss them all dearly. my daily routine is wake up late, get bored, get moany about how boring the day is, try and sort some shit out in my life, get distracted by the internet, waste more life. i need some structure in my life. i really want to go travelling, but i have no money, so i need a job, which i cant seem to get because after handing out about 20 CV's ive heard fuck all.
ahhh bugger
possibly losing the faith that a few weeks back bought.
comon life 'dazzle me'

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