Friday, 4 July 2008

wow, its been what two weeks since ive written a single word on here.
lifes busy and the internet doesnt get much time at the moment.
life dazzled me, the day after i wrote that last bit infact.
went up to london to see D&AD new blood, which was pretty bloody brilliant. some uni's id never heard of were producing some wicked work, and nottingham's work just confirmed that i had made the right choice for next year. In particular a massive laser-woodcut which was pretty special and possibly the best thing ive seen in a while.
we also went to see some street rented out by banksy apparently and left to 40 street artists from around the world to have their way with. its a suprisingly lond street and me and jussie spent about and hour and half just taking it all in. so one day in london lasted from 11.30am-6.30pm and it was a brilliant brilliant day. we then went back to my house, ate some food and busted on to source bar for jussie's birthday celebrations, which quite possibly topped my birthday, thats how good the night was.
il have to cut it short here, il fill the rest in tomorrow, because ive got to go buy some shoes, thats right i have money! and more importantly work! im doing temp bar and waiting work at a few places, which pays around £6 an hour and today is my first pay day so im going to treat myself. wickkkeeddd
i also have some more design work done and few bits posted up on but il post it all up tomorrow

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