Friday, 4 July 2008

so right, where was i?
spoke about London. also met manda and shaun up there, further strengthening the Ravensbourne/ RUCCA connection, i think well plan some nights out together soon.
not sure what happened in the few days between source and Justine's friday beach party.
Friday- Sheppey- Justine's Birthday Beach Party. I for one am in love with Sheppey, judge me if you want. ive been there twice and had AMAZING nights both time, probably because both times consisted of beach parties with art students. I opted for vodka red bull's because it was cheap and i was into my last £20. Basically me and jack went over early to help set up, we saw Jussie's home and it wasnt full of rats, infact it was pretty nice. we went to Tesco again, and it was slightly less inbred in the day time. Justine then let herself into what she was a 'friend's' house and stole their CD player, i just assumed when you move to Sheppey you get a key that lets you into all the houses in order to encourage sleeping with/raping people that arent part of your family. We put up a tent in the middle of nowhere by the sea, everyone arrived, we got drunk and talked, i half cooked some pork in ash apparently and ate it anyway then went and sat on the beach. At about 3.30/4 me and jack double teamed Justine with the birthday cards which resulted in tears, leaving me and jack feeling victorious. As a victory lap i walked through a load of slushy shit out to sea and sang cheesey songs at the top of my voice, followed by a morning climb up the cliffs with ben, chris and emma.
i started temp barwork the next day, and after 4 hours of sleep when i arrived home, i set off for work to man the bar at a VW expo. that was my saturday and sunday, it was easy money.
this week went to source and worked a bit.
last night i saw Fucked Up at tap'n'tin. The Steal's sounds was awful, what are normally a good band sounded pretty poor. Ghost of a Thousand just sort of made me realise why i havnt been to that many shows recently, crowd full of idiots who act as if they are going to their first show and that pits are infact a circus. i also saw people who normally dress indie as fuck in gallows shirts and new era hats, what pricks, and as for the band they werr really shit, the fact that only fags and 16 year olds are into them says it all, a few of their songs sounded like a fucking terrible rip off of The Bronx, and The Bronx are fucking wicked. i decided i like artists because theyre pretentious and know it and dont try to pretend theyre not, whereas the hardcore is so fucking pretentious but everyone is trying to pretend that theyre not, whiclst checking the person next to them to make sure they know more lyrics than them or are wearing a cooler band tee. who cares. Fucked Up were pretty amazing, a fat singer rolling round on the floor trying to do cartwheels and picking the crowd up and throwing them around whilst stealing peoples hats is good in my books, i hadnt heard much before the show but il be chekicng them out further for sure, they sounded wicked.
tonight went to see 'Wanted' with chris, jack and ben. cheesiest film i have ever seen that is supposed to be serious, i half enjoyed it, half hated it but at the end of the day all you can do is laugh and Angelina Jolie is fit so were all winners.

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