Monday, 4 August 2008

im slacking, sorry ben.

once again ive left my blog unattended for quite some time, but im back and ready to write.
first and foremost: Berlin. one word- incredible, two words- life affirming, three words- im going back.
i could, and possibly will at a later date, ramble about how good it was but heres some highlights, in true scenester bullet pointed fashion:
-vickers becoming a cockney for the night
-meeting camberwell students
-bar 25
-two 32 year old dutch men who partied harder than us
-sitting in a fountain
-the sun
-chilling at THE fountain
-tv tower
-urban affairs exhibition
-top of the reichstag
-walking everywhere
-seeing real life blu's
-the berlin wall
-8mm bar
-bendict aka beni
-bang bang club, arm in arm with vickers singing oasis
-afternoon beers
-early evening naps

and more

dragons den is on, il carry on shortly

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