Wednesday, 6 August 2008

dragons den was good, but it didnt last for 2 days. im just shit at the internet.

so Berlin was really wicked. we met some weird and some amazing people. we saw a lot of great stuff. went to a lot of great bars and a couple of good clubs. pretty everything you could want from a holiday. and berlin is probably the best city on earth. the way i described it last night in a drunken state was 'New York is fucking cool, but everyone knows that, Berlin is fucking cool but the dickheads havnt seemed to realise that yet'.
discovering that Chris had spent the holiday taking photos from behind me made me feel a bit violated at first but now ive realised the genius of it, check his blog to look at all that.
so life.
ive been back a week and a bit. been to source bar twice, one of which i got embarrassingly drunk and made a prick of myself, and the other played in shredded bank statements in the road and hugged it out in flower beds, said goodbye to my best friend as he went off to travel africa a bit more, went to toms leaving party, at which vickers was awesome and sang about getting a new boyfriend at 4am and did some drawing.
drawing: ive got some exciting news. im currently designing a room for 'Hostel Art' and Picadilly Hostel' in central London, which if all goes to plan i will start painting the end of this month. POSCA pens here i come. i did a design but it had some guns in it and the hostel manager doesnt think guns will go down to well, so im currently re working that, possibly with excitement level for the project is probaby hitting the moon right about now.
ive also done a few more animal drawings, and im going to try and get a small series together, as thats something ive never done before, and possibly stick it together in a small run zine. who knows, book making always goes horribly whenever i get involved.
i think thats about it really. theres thunder storm and im sitting in a room so hot its making me sweat like(insert joke here).
i wish i was funnier with these blogs.....

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