Sunday, 10 August 2008

Right now i should be drawing for the projects ive got on the go.
the walrus needs words, but thats half done.
the hostel needs a room a design, but thats half done.
design by humans have a competition on with a loot of £5,000, but i havnt even thought about that yet.
my friend at liverpool uni wants a flyer done for his night, but im waiting on the information for that.
i still havnt even thought about entering a dont panic competition, but thats been on my list of things to do for months.
get in gearrrrrrrr.
to be fair to myself, i got to sleep at 2 last night after dosing for 5 minutes around 11 then being wide awake and filling my time with a really sweet phone game i have where i get to build a theme park and keep all the little people in it happy by building them ice cream shops and rides that throw them through the air, if only all of life this was this striahgt forward aye! i then had to get up at 6am for a morning of washing other people shit up at Cobham Hall, which is pretty much the most beautiful building in the world, so its not massivly difficult to work there, and i got to peel and chop potatoes which turned out to pretty fun whilst i sang tubelord to myself. The shift ended with meeting a polish girl who laughed at the most odd things and told me she tried to smoke outside but felt sick because she went to strawberry moons until 5am last night, lucky girl, living the dream!
ive been to the pub the last 2 nights. friday was the style and winch for fay's singing thing. shes bloody good and sounded less like kate nash than i remember, so good on her, i left pretty sharpish because of lack of sleep and being surrounded by girls i only occasionally talk to and find it really difficult to find common ground with when i do. The fact that 3 of them had just been travelling didnt even seem to help, i think were just destined to have slightly awkward 5minute conversations for the rest of time. last night was Drakes with Adam and Hull and his yank friend, where we got accosted by a fucking drunk south african, roughed up a bit, asked if i was queer and then told to watch The Wall by Pink Floyd, all i had to do before had was 'smoke a little weed and drink some beers, then its mind blowing'. good advice.
Thursday was pretty wicked. London with Chris and Manda, where we looked round the hostel that were going to be painting, met the really enthusiastic and nice girl in charge of it and walked in on people 'shagging'. The we went to the Angel and met Manda's friends, all of whom were pretty safe, and moved onto the Tellison/Tubelord/Colour show at the Boderline, which was amazing. Few beers down we got talking to the crew and realised theyre massive racists, but in a 'im going to dance with a black man in Sainsbury's shirt' kind of way. Props to jess for her sweet hand actions to the words of Tellison. best quote of the night:
Me: 'Manda youre and racist'
Manda: 'NO, YOURE waaaaassttteeeeddd'
we then slept in Mandas half built house and got awoken to her and Emma talking about dog nappies, chinchillas and their extensive knowledge of pet shops in Kent.

so thats the last half of this week in a nutshell. off to Lexs party in an hour or so, i really dont know what to expect from it.

i was going to jabber on about feelings and thinking an shit because ive done a bit of that over the last few days but it can wait i suppose. just feel ive got certain shit to tell certain people but dont know if its going to get a good reaction, either that or il leave it and let things work out themselves, that tends to be a good move from experience.


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