Wednesday, 13 August 2008

this week is sloooooowwwww.
i think its this shit shit weather that just ruined my mood for general life.
ive just been really lathargic and not working too hard on shit i should be busting a gut for.
didnt go to lex's in the end.
monday was a failure as it turns out i signed up to a student credit card not a debit, il sort that next week.
yesterday was bluewater and i got some shorts for reading for a mear £12.
then went to the first AFC Wimbledon home game of the season. it was siiicck. 1-0 down after 15mins. then we only go and get 2 bloody goals in the last 10 minutes. i missed that feeling of watching your team score.
beers in the car home and source. source was average, odd crowd out, i got really drunk when i didnt plan to and made a tit of myself a bit. oh well, its source bar.
the glimers of sun weve been having have been wicked, especially when im driving my car really fast listening to gaslight anthem. i definately have that thing where the weather decides your mood. gutted.

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