Saturday, 16 August 2008

all of a sudden, i miss everyone

this shits gone down:
just finished working 26 hours in three days. my mind is tired, my body is tired and my arm muscles ache from lifting boxes, but im tough so i can handle that shit.
bar work is good when its busy, time flies past and you forget that youre disgustingly hungover and youve had about 4 hours sleep. bar work is dreadful when its slow, you realise just how tired you are from having 4 hours sleep 2 nights ago and then working a 12 hour day after that. but £250 on friday so i cant complain in the slightest i suppose. and i also got some fake tan covered essex bird stumble up to the bar and slur at me 'youre very good looking' to which i could only reply 'haha, cheers', but this compliment was only a scheme as she followed it up with 'does that mean youll serve me next?', slut.
thursday night was RRRRRAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDD. tokyo police club at the forum, who i really enjoyed for a band i had listened to for the first time 2 days before. going back the forum was amazing, i hadnt been in about 3 years and it just made me feel 12/13/14/15/16 again, nothing had changed and i got far too excited.
we then gatecrashed source bar's a level results party, and as we had nothing to celebrate we thought we'd do it in style anyway and proceeded to get really drunk and dance to drum and bass and R&B all night. i had a cracking night, which was topped off by a free jagerbomb and free vodka and coke at the end because people were pissed and left their drinks at the bar.highlight- laughing at a slut and getting told i was a 'pretentious wanker'.

my brain is really happy but my body is not. i need to sleep and all of me will be really happy with general life. good timeeeeesssss
althought im realising just how close to being over summer is and just how close it is until i have to say goodbye to some of the greatest people in the world. bad timmmmeeeesss

over and out

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