Thursday, 11 September 2008

and so it begins.....

the moment weve all been dreading all summer is upon us.
last night was the last time team summer will be all together in kent for a while, as vickers is off to london town this weekend and the rest follow suit a few days after.
today has been the first time ive really thought about it, well had a spare hour to think about it and i sort of want to cry a bit. it just seems insane to me that i can grow this close and this attached to a group of people ive known almost exactly a year.
i really wish this current situation was at the beginning of summer because i think wed appreciate our time together so much more, but thats life, things always happen at the wrong time, which has massively happened in this instance.
3.5 weeks and i myself will be moving to a new city, meeting new people and probably wishing i was back in sheppey with my best friends building rubbish fires and looking at shooting stars.
this year has completely turned my life around and been so incredible i cant put it into words. ive gone from a pretty unhappy and bored person who struggled to find motivation and enjoy a large part of life, to the person ive always wanted to be, its been priceless, completely and utterly priceless.
im pretty certain this will have been the best year of my life, which is kind of depressing to think ive already peaked but it just makes me so happy looking back.
ive got a bunch of friends for life, who i am going to miss insane amounts, and go away with a bunch of the most amazing memories.

heres to the shooting stars, il miss you.

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