Thursday, 25 September 2008

life is about the people, not the places

im fully aware im just posting blog after blog of emotional poncey bullshit, but right now, with so much changing thats all i can think and talk about.
so i just got back from a week and a half in london. mixed feelings about the trip. Obviously it was full on amazing and had a total ball but it probably wasnt a good idea because now im just already missing my friends stupid amounts and ive been home half a day.
and much like this time last year, im left at home on my own when the rest of the world has already left for uni. last starting is rubbish.

pros and cons:

~painting a room in Picadilly backpackers hostel and having a project on that scale that i am fully 100% happy with, and really really anjying the four days it took to do it
~spending quality time and living with a bunch of best friends and exploring London
~living rent free in a house for a week and half
~effectively still being a house mate and making a load of new friends
~one particular girl
~a stuffed dog that smelt of vanilla and old ladies
~a bunch of wicked nights out
~cooking food
~kings of leon's new album
~boys noize at the end

~cooking food
~washing up
~the amount of time it takes to travel anywhere in London
~the amount of money London rinses
~saying goodbye
~wishing timings/situations were different
~going to a secret foals gig, and getting so drunk i dont remember most of it

so in 8 days time i will be living in Nottingham. im excited for it, im nervous about it, i want to take my friends there, but i can look forward to them visiting. London made me realise im not into MASSIVE cities, i cant stand 50% of a night out consisting of travelling on a bus whos combination of movement and heat makes me want to sleep, and i dont like London prices. 2 minute walks and £2 doubles will suit me to a tee this year i think.

this week also made me less scared about losing touch with people. it was pretty much foundation times but we had moved to london, we still all spoke shit loads and went out all the time. so as long as we can get a decent london/notts connection going on i pretty certain this crew is the one for the rest of my life.

that wasnt too emotional was it?

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