Monday, 27 July 2009

Business Card


I think from here i will have a play around with colourschemes, as the beige/turquiose/blue thing is starting to get boring

so I redid the images to make them a) look better and b)better show what it is he does and had a play around with different variations and positionings of the colourscheme, and these are the two variations of what i think is the final product, i know the differences in colour are only minor but i cant decide what looks best.

For the other side, i decided to, instead of having the whole dvd design included, to use the idea of the bubbles in a way that filled the whole space of the card and alligned nicely with one another. i then transferred a few of the images from the dvd cover over, attempting to sow what it is my brother does, but i dont think they show it very well

I then went back to my sketchbook to look at my original type ideas, and decided to explore a blocky, partially filled in typeface i had sketched out. It turned out to look pretty good and fill the negative space nicely, so to continue with this idea of a simple, blocky, clean cut look i took a simple bubble from the existing design and stuck the type over it in the same colour as the background, as if it had been stamped out. This, I feel, works really well. I couldnt decide whether to have the name on the top or the bottom of the details, so i asked my brother what i thought was best and we decided to have the details sittin on top of the name.

This was my first idea for the other side, just simply taking the main element of the dvd cover and shrinking it down. This, again, was too simple so a opted for another route. I also thought about incorporating his initials onto this side of the card, but felt it was unnecessary, as his whole name and details are on the other side. This is als what made me scrap the line type, as the two elements to the design looked disconnected and awkward.

This was one of my first ideas of how to use the existing design from the dvd cover, I dont think it was very imaginative, and I was too fixed on using my new liney type that ive been playing around with. I couldnt get these ideas to work so I decided to scrap them and start over

These are my original sketchbook pages for jotting down ideas. I moved onto the computer pretty quick because i had already designed my brother's dvd cover (see below), and he wanted the two to tie in together, so most of the ideas work was done for me.

I am currently redesigning my brother's business card, as his existing one is a run of mill, off the internet jobby and doesnt really stand out. He has just graduated and is now trying to find a job as a camera man or director

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