Sunday, 26 July 2009


Whilst researching business card design for a project I'm currently working on i stumbled across this bloke's blog:
He seems pretty interesting and is all about the morals, having ditched a pretty sweet design job in favour of working closer to home and becoming a teacher, and he seems all the happier for it. Im a particular fan of the holiday greetings cards he did whilst as Staccato Design.(

Through this blog i also got introduced to this guy, whos work is fucking incredible;
im just annoyed i didnt think of it first

then theres this guy too who has some decent stuff, but his typefaces make him out to be a massive weirdo and a bit creepy, as he based one on his ex-girlfriends handwriting, meaning he spent hours studying each word she wrote to him. But there is some really nice work on there.

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